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Recording Studio


I took my first steps into a studio when I was 16. I went to south Nashville to a place called Berry Hill where I met with a producer by the name of Neil Jones. I learned too much that day. I learned that I was good at rapping, and I needed money. Makin the music came natural. What didn't, was how to sell it. As an artist, I was just glad you liked it. Being young, we came up with the costliest ways to advertise. Hanging posters where we clearly should not have. (Got in too much trouble for that). This was all done to promote for mixtapes we put out in the early 2000s. Tapes like" Buckle up" "Strap Up" and "Free Goldy"  We had more bad ideas, but that's a whole story in its self. While I was in and out of trouble (mostly in), one of my peers worked hard to figure out the management side of things. We later put our minds together and created two excellent albums. "Lit From The Laundry Room" and "East Nashville with Love". My life has been an amazing journey and we are about to do it all again.

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